Bhutan Trekking Tours

Through the creator’s world  Have you ever relished the feeling of walking through trails seldom walked; listening to the musical chirps of birds; feeling the gentle breeze and gush of…

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Bhutan Festival Tours

An intrinsic part of Bhutan’s tradition and culture, Tsechus (religious festivals) are performed all around the country at different periods. Literally, Tshechu means the “Tenth Day” and is observed on…

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Bhutan Special Tours

Based on your interests, we can customize any kind of adventure. Cultural tours can be blended with treks and eco-tourism. However, there are few very special offers or packages that…

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Transcending the ordinary and taking one into a world we may have read about history books, the Himalayan Kingdom is a showcase of the beauty and wealth that the world once basked it; a reminder of what the world has lost in our pursuit of development. A perfect blend of the medieval and modern, Bhutan is a destination you should not miss. Embark on a voyage that promises to enthral you, an experience that will captivate all your five sense organs and beyond. Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom

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