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Know Bhutan – Some Tips

When you are in Rome, be a Roman. So goes the adage. Here is some information, which would make your trip beautiful and comfortable.

  1. Unlike some culture, it is not uncommon for Bhutanese to look you in the eye and smile. You can do the same.
  2. Almost all Bhutanese speak English. Thus, asking for guidance is not considered offensive.
  3. Some may not be very comfortable to see you photograph them. Just seek their permission.
  4. Bhutanese meals are hot, with a lot of spices, especially chilies.
  5. Remove your shoes when you enter a temple (lhakhang).
  6. Carry less cash, lest you lose it. Visa Cards are accepted at most places.
  7. Dogs are a nuisance at night. So bring along ear buds.
  8. Bhutanese hotels mainly have the Asian plug point. So bring along the three pin western one.
  9. Bhutanese do not refer to the Prime Minister’s wife as First Lady.
  10. It is a Bhutanese tradition to tip.
  11. Bhutanese will refer to people as “sir” and “madame.”